TWICE reveal that JYP Entertainment was “hesitant” to release ‘Cry For Me’

“We kept doing meetings with the director [of the agency]. We wanted to do this no matter what”

TWICE have revealed that JYP Entertainment was initially hesitant for the girl group to perofrm ‘Cry For Me’ during the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

In a new documentary video released by South Korean cable network Mnet, members of TWICE spoke about how the group came to perform ‘Cry For Me’ during the 2020 awards music ceremony, and the divided discussions leading up to the show.

“We wanted to present something new for our fans, [so we thought], ‘Why don’t we perform ‘Cry For Me’ for the first time on MAMA?’,” recalled TWICE’s leader Jihyo. “Someone brought that up and MAMA thankfully said yes.”


However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the girl group after getting approval from MAMA, Jihyo noted. “The agency was hesitant,” the singer added. “But most of the members insisted that we want to perform ‘Cry For Me’.”

“We kept doing meetings with the director [of the agency]. We wanted to do this no matter what,” Sana elaborated. “We said it’d be great to do a performance even if we don’t release an album, so we got to prepare ‘Cry For Me’ in a hurry.”

Elsewhere in the documentary, the girls discussed how the popularity of their performance of ‘Cry For Me’ at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards eventually influenced the group’s plans for upcoming music during that year.

“Since we had no plans for an album, we were quite astonished by the reactions,” Jihyo enthused. “Shouldn’t we drop an album quickly? Should we just release a track? The power of MAMA got us to release a song.”


Last year, TWICE released ‘Formula Of Love: T+O=<3’ alongside the music video for its lead single ‘Scientist’. The record also features the group’s first-ever official English-language single ‘The Feels’, which became the group’s first-ever song to enter the Billboard Hot 100, charting at Number 83 for the week of October 16.

The girl group is also set to embark on their fourth world tour, titled ‘III’, next month. The tour includes performances across several US states and two performances at the Tokyo Dome.