TWICE’s Jeongyeon to temporarily halt activities for mental health recovery

The TWICE singer assured fans she will "rest well and make sure to come back healthy"

Jeongyeon of South Korean girl group TWICE will be taking a second hiatus from group activities due to mental health concerns.

The singer’s label, JYP Entertainment, issued a statement yesterday (August 18) to announce that Jeongyeon “will be unable to attend TWICE’s activity for a while in future schedule”, due to her symptoms of “panic and psychological anxiety”.


“Although Jeongyeon was moving forward with her schedule by simultaneously taking action for recovery, we value our artists’ health as the most important issue,” wrote the label in the statement. JYPE also added that the decision for Jeongyeon to “have sufficient time to focus on her recovery and rest” was made after “deep” internal discussions aided by medical professionals.

“As the artist label, we will provide the best procedures for Jeongyeon to recover with sufficient amount of time. We kindly ask for your love and support for Jeongyeon’s full recovery.”

Several hours after the statement was published, Jeongyeon took to fan interaction app Bubble to address her hiatus. “ONCEs (TWICE’s official fanbase), I’m sorry. I’ll rest well and make sure to come back healthy,” she wrote, while also promising that she will remain active on Bubble and requested fans to “wait for me”.

Credit: Screenshot via TWICE’s Official Bubble

The TWICE vocalist had previously gone on a similar hiatus in October 2020, for which she had also cited mental health concerns as a reason for her temporary exclusion from group activities. At the time of announcement, TWICE were gearing up to release their ‘Eyes Wide Open’ album, which featured lead single ‘I Can’t Stop Me’.


The nine-member group recently returned with the hit summer single ‘Alcohol Free’, a cut from their latest mini-album ‘Taste Of Love’ that dropped in June. TWICE are currently preparing for the release of a brand-new English-language single ‘The Feels’, due out next month.

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