Twin Atlantic debut ‘Novocaine’ video – check out exclusive behind the scenes pics

"A sound or a colour evoke a feeling or a memory and you chase that down a rabbit hole and see what it unravels from your subconscious."

Twin Atlantic have shared the new video for ‘Novocaine’ – the first track to emerge from their upcoming fourth album, ‘Power’. Check exclusive behind the scenes photos on

Described by NME as a “futuristic, synth-rock anthem“, Novocaine is accompanied by a video that shows off the full force of the Twin Atlantic live experience.

“The collage approach to Alex’s idea was really appealing to us. It’s the exact same way we have been approaching writing lyrics on this album,” said frontman Sam McTrusty.


“A sound or a colour evoke a feeling or a memory and you chase that down a rabbit hole and see what it unravels from your subconscious. To have a director listen to the song and get that was lucky. Working to the limitations of just red, green and blue lighting was another way this ties into the record.

Director Alex Nicholson added: “I really wanted to create something different for this incredibly powerful song. I wanted the viewer to feel, to live the lyrics and to ignore everything else around them; just digest what they were watching. It’s a sensory experience. Put on your headphones, ignore everything else around you and immerse yourself in the epic sound and visuals”.

Sam McTrusty shoots the Novocaine video

Novocaine comes straight from the new Twin Atlantic video

The video’s display of kaleidoscopic colours  also echo McTrusty’s own experiences, after he told NME howtheir upcoming album ‘Power’ was influenced by synesthesia.


The sensory phenomenon, which is also experienced by Lorde, means that the singer sees sound as colour.

“At the end of ‘GLA’, I’d been reading a lot about synesthesia,” McTrusty explained. “It was one of the few good things I’d been reading on social media and was like, ‘Fucking hell, that’s exactly hell what I’ve got’, especially with all the stimulation. When I listen back to things, I can see these different colour palettes and stuff in my head.”

He continued: “I suddenly became conscious of that, so I tried to start with a limited palate of colours. The sound came from having these strict rules, and because we didn’t have an A&R man or someone at a record label giving us their input, we needed those strict rules so I kinda just made them up subconsciously.”

Power is released on January 24 2020.