Twin Atlantic make their Bestival debut with all-conquering set

Twin Atlantic made their Bestival debut last night with a powerful set that saw frontman Sam McTrusty getting up close and personal with his fans.

Taking to the Box Stage at 10.15PM sharp, the Glaswegian four-piece opened with ‘Whispers’ before going straight into ‘You Are The Devil’ from fourth album ‘GLA’.

An early rendition of ‘Make A Beast Of Myself’ sparked the first singalong of the night, and saw McTrusty taking the opportunity to ramp up the crowd even more.

“I feel like we’re getting something started, Bestival!”, he screamed at the crowd early on.

It’s the incitement of chaos that the set desperately needed, although McTrusty still wasn’t quite done.

“Is this the best you’ve got motherfuckers?”, he later howled at the packed Box Stage crowd, whipping them up into a frenzy once more.

Twin Atlantic get ready to rock backstage at Bestival

Twin Atlantic get ready to rock backstage at Bestival

The set also acted as an unofficial birthday party for ‘GLA’, with McTrusty revealing that it was exactly a year to the day since the release of their fourth record – and it was time for the crowd to help them celebrate.

A barnstorming rendition of ‘No Sleep’ immediately followed, which saw McTrusty leaving the stage to get up close and personal with his fans, diving straight into the crowd as he delivered the song’s monstrous chorus.

They then finished with ‘Heart and Soul’, which appropriately saw the crowd giving it their all, saving the biggest singalong for the final song.

As far as Bestival debuts go, it’s an utter triumph.