Twin Atlantic promise new material by next summer

The Glasgow rockers hope to start recording their fifth album by the end of the year

Twin Atlantic hope to have a fifth album released before festival season next year, the band told NME at Bestival 2017.

The Scottish alt-rockers, whose fourth album ‘GLA’ reached Number 9 in the UK charts, have already started writing songs in their home studio in Glasgow and hope to start recording before the end of the year.

“It’s pretty different again, for us,” said singer Sam McTrusty. “We’ve had a rehearsal room in Glasgow for about six or seven years and we’ve finally turned it into a recording studio to try to take everything to the next level before we get involved with a producer. So we’ve been locked away for hours and hours already.”


“With most of the last album we’d individually work on demos then come together and hash them out,” added bassist Ross McNae, “whereas this album we’ve started writing for, so far we’ve just started everything from scratch together. It’s loads of fun.”

Sam claimed he was eager for the public to hear their new songs. “We’re trying to record before this year is out but I’d let anyone hear it now!” he said. “I forget you’re supposed to have strategy and all that carry on. Hopefully by next festival season the album will be out and we’ll have toured already. If you’re a guitar band you need to get your point across quickly. If you spend too long trying to spell it out for people it becomes a parody and Spinal Tap.”

“We had the experience with this album that’s out at the moment where it was the shortest period of time we’d recorded it in and it excited us more,” Ross added. “It was more of-a-moment, not so thought through. That was one thing we wanted to take through to this from that last album.”

Twin Atlantic headline The Box stage at Bestival tonight (September 9). Watch the video interview below.