Twin Shadow cancel more dates as bus crash recuperation continues

Band's bus crashed in Colorado on April 17

Twin Shadow have been forced to cancel more tour dates as a result of the bus crash the band were involved in earlier this year.

The band were involved in a serious bus crash on April 17. The vehicle was involved in a road-traffic accident on Interstate 70 near Aurora, Colorado after hitting a tractor-trailer. The accident left frontman George Lewis Jr requiring surgery on his hand and up to 12 people requiring hospital treatment.

In a new update posted on Tumblr, Lewis Jr confirmed that he has been diagnosed with new injuries and being on the road will worsen the pain he is in.

“Recently I had reconstructive hand surgery and have begun physical therapy,” Lewis Jr wrote. “I’m working hard to regain basic function in my hand and to get to a place where I can play an instrument again.”

“The tricky part of being involved in something like this is that certain injuries creep up on you long after the accident. Recently I started experiencing pain in my left knee and went to see a doctor. Upon reviewing my MRI the doctor found a tear in my PCL and Meniscus. Fortunately, surgery can be avoided with physical therapy and limiting the stress I put on my knee. Doing shows at the moment would put me at risk of not fully recovering and needing knee surgery. We plan on being fully recovered and back on the road by mid-August.”

Twin Shadow were due to perform at Primavera in Spain on May 30. The band’s third album ‘Eclipse’ was released in the UK on May 18.