Madchester legend dies

World Of Twist frontman Tony Ogden passes away

World Of Twist frontman Tony Ogden has died aged 44.

The Odgen and his band World Of Twist were part of the ’Madchester’ scene of the early 90s.

Their sole album ’Quality Street’, was released in 1991 and produced by Joy Division collaborator Martin Hannett and was a critical success, spawning the cult single ’The Storm’.

Ogden, who died of unknown causes, disbanded World Of Twist in 1992 after he decided he did not want to sing anymore.

He returned to his family home in Stockport, where he became a reclusive figure.

However, according to the World Of Twist‘s official website, Ogden was working on demos for his new band The Bubblegum Secret Pop Explosion, before his death.