Two bike gangs clash in Royal Blood’s dramatic new ‘Limbo’ video

The track, the third preview of new album 'Typhoons', came out last week

Royal Blood have shared a new video for their recent single ‘Limbo’ – watch it below.

The track, which is the latest preview of the duo’s upcoming third album album ‘Typhoons’, came out last week (March 25).

The new video features two gangs of motorcyclists-turned-dancers roaming empty streets at night before deciding to hold an impromptu dance-off.


Directed by Joao Retorta, you can watch the ‘Limbo’ video below:

Royal Blood gave ‘Limbo’ its live debut last weekend during a virtual performance they played on the Roblox gaming platform.

The duo have described ‘Limbo’ as “without a doubt the most ambitious and wildest we have allowed ourselves to be,” adding: “We can’t wait to invite you this far down the rabbit hole with us.”

Royal Blood will release ‘Typhoons’ on April 30 via Warner. Prior to last week’s release of ‘Limbo’, the band shared the forthcoming album’s title track in January and its first single ‘Trouble’s Coming’ back in September.


Speaking to NME about ‘Typhoons’ back in January, frontman Mike Kerr said: “I think everyone can get lost in their own mind, and they can have dark spells in their own mind. I’ve experienced them, you’ve experienced them, we all have.

“I wanted to write a song that recognised them but was also uplifting and empowering – knowing that if you are going through that, it will end at some point. It will pass.”

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