Two Door Cinema Club: ‘We’re really proud of what we’ve done this year’

Bassist Kevin Baird tells NME that 'this year has been a bit of a wild one'

Two Door Cinema Club have revealed that they’re “really proud” of what they’ve achieved this year.

The Northern Ireland trio released their debut album ‘Tourist History’ earlier this year and have since toured heavily around the world, recently selling out the whole of their US tour.

“This year has been a bit of a wild one,” bassist Kevin Baird told NME. “It’s been awesome and we’re really proud of what we’ve done so far.”


Baird admitted that it’s “unbelievable” to see the size of their shows in North America continue to grow.

“We’re doing five weeks here and every show is sold out,” he explained. “It’s unbelievable. We’ve gone from doing 500-capacity sweaty clubs, to now doing 1,300 capacity venues in New York and LA. It’s nuts, we love touring over here, we seem to get on really well with the people and we love the waffles too”.

The group are set to play their biggest UK and Irish gigs yet in March next year, but the three-piece are also looking towards a second album.

“We’re creative people so are constantly thinking and coming up with little ideas,” Baird said. “We’ve got one completely finished new song, we don’t have a title for it yet, but we’re playing it on the road at the moment and we’re really excited about it.”

He added. “When the touring cycle is over in April or May we’ll be straight into writing, as we’re not going to take any time off as we’ll just get bored. I think it [a new album] will be completely finished and written by the end of next year, so maybe it’ll be released in early 2012, but I guess we’ll see what happens.”