Two Door Cinema Club talk new music – and surreal experience of being watched by Ronaldo

"He looked very joyful"

Two Door Cinema Club have opened up about their upcoming fourth album. Watch our interview with the band above.

Speaking to the NME before their Leeds Festival Main Stage set, the Irish trio said the sonic change that heralded 2016’s Gameshow album has encouraged them to be more adventurous.

“We’ve gone all over the place,” said singer Alex Trimble. “Obviously the last record was a big jump from the previous two and that’s kind of opened us up to thinking of going in even more different places, and so there’s a huge spectrum of ideas in the pot right now.”


Guitarist Sam Halliday added: “It’s been a pretty crazy 18 months/two years for us so we’ve not really had as much time in a studio as maybe we would have liked, but yeah, we’re finishing up in October and we’re hoping to take those ideas beyond the ideas stage.”

When NME interviewed Festival Republic director Melvin Benn – who is responsible for the Reading & Leeds line-up – earlier this month, he suggested that  the group were potential bill-toppers. “There’s no doubt that acts like Two Door Cinema Club will want to be a headliner in the future and I hope they make it,” said Benn.

Reacting to his comments, bassist Kevin Baird said: “We’ve been a band for a long time. This year would be about ten years, we’ve done three albums, so we certainly have time and catalogue on our side of the argument. We don’t want to get too into this whole ‘We want to be the biggest band in the world ever!’, we just want to crack on and do what we do and if the opportunity came along then of course, we would love to do it.”

“It could happen,” he added.

Asked about his memorable moments of the festival season, Sam Halliday picked out spotting Brazilian football icon Ronaldo in the crowd of their Lollapalooza set in São Paulo as a highlight. “He looked like he was very joyful,” he said.