Two Gallants man set for solo album with NIN, My Morning Jacket and Whiskeytown members

Adam Stephens' promises an announcement soon

Two Gallants singer Adam Stephens has posted a MySpace message hinting that he is about to announce details of his new solo album.

Writing on, the singer told fans to get ready for an “pending announcement” about the album.

He has said that the as-yet-untitled record will include guest appearances from members of My Morning Jacket, Whiskeytown, The Decemberists and Nine Inch Nails.

He also promised to showcase the album live in the near future.

“We are planning to do more shows in the near future and should have an announcement for the record soon as well,” wrote Stephens. “For now all we can give you is this paltry announcement about a pending announcement. Please forgive all the formalities. Thanks for your time. See you soon perhaps.”