The first in a series of events takes place next month...

ECHOBOY, TWO LONE SWORDSMEN and FRIDGE are among the acts scheduled to perform at the first of series of events at LONDON’s ICA CENTRE promoted by SONIC MOOK EXPERIMENT.

The event, which takes place on February 2, is to be the first of a series of six events hosted at the venue. Echoboy, Tom ‘Squarepusher’ Jenkinson’s younger brother Ceephax and breakbeat garage don DJ Downfall are all playing live, while DJs include Andrew Weatherall, Christian Vogel, Fridge’s Kieran Hebdan and Barry 7 from Add N to (X) .

The event will also feature a live art room, and a cinema featuring short films from The Hallowe’en Society. The event runs from 7pm-1am, and tickets are available now, priced #10.

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