Watch Tomorrow X Together perform ‘Valley of Lies’ with iann dior live for the first time

The singer-rapper made a special appearance at TXT’s recent Los Angeles concert

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and American singer-rapper iann dior have performed their collaboration single ‘Valley of Lies’ live together for the first time ever.

On July 24, TXT held their second Los Angeles show as part of their ‘Act: Love Sick’ tour, where they surprised fans with a special appearance by iann dior to perform their new song ‘Valley of Lies’, which the two acts released just days before the concert.

iann dior thanked TXT’s official fanbase, MOAs, for having him at the show. “TXT are very special. I think it was cool walking through the valley of lies with you tonight,” he added. TXT’s Yeonjun then replied: “This was a lot of fun for us too, thank you so much and I hope we get the chance to work together again. Thank you for joining us and making it special.”


The K-pop group first confirmed the single’s release during an in-studio appearance on Good Morning America last week. In a statement, the collaboration was described as an “indie alternative” song that “speaks about a lonesome journey that one takes towards the end of a relationship, along a trail of countless lies.”

TXT’s ongoing ‘Act: Lovesick’ tour kicked off earlier this month in Seoul, in support of the boyband’s May mini-album ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’. In a five-star review of the record, NME‘s Rhian Daly said the record “fully justifies [their] hype, continuing to position Tomorrow X Together as voices for their generation (and beyond) with songs that are both sublime in quality and evocative reflections of life’s ups and downs.”

Additional reporting by Rhian Daly

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