Ty Dolla $ign talks working with Skrillex and making ‘sex music’

The LA artist just released his second studio album, 'Beach House 3'

Ty Dolla $ign has spoken to NME about his new album ‘Beach House 3’, working with Skrillex and making what he calls “sex music” – watch the interview above.

Ty, AKA Tyrone William Griffin Jr., has just released his second studio album, which features contributions from the likes of Lil Wayne, Future and Pharrell.

Speaking ahead of the release of ‘Beach House 3’, Ty highlighted his delight at getting the opportunity to work with Skrillex on the song ‘So Am I’, which also features Damian Marley.


“I always wanted to work with Skrillex, and if you pay attention to my work you’ll know that on the first ‘Beach House’ record I sampled Skrillex’s ‘Z’ and mixed it with some Mint Condition on the track ‘ Cabana’,” he said. “So that was sampling Skrillex, but ‘So Am I’ is the real Skrillex on production.

“It was dope working with Skrillex,” he continued. “I’ve got a lot of respect for him because I’ve worked with a lot of producers who will come in, but later you’ll find out that they had someone else playing the keys, or that someone else did the whole track and they just put their name on there.

“But Skrillex will come in there, he’ll do the beat in front of you, make the edits in front of you, mix the record, master the record – the full shit. So much love and respect to Skrillex.”

The musician was also asked about why he has to field so many questions about sex in his interviews – with the 32-year-old suggesting that it is because he has made a lot of what he calls “sex music”.

“I think it comes from my music, because I have a lot of ‘sex music’ – music that people have sex to,” he replied. “Shit man, I’m your guy: I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about sex.”

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