Tyga calls on Saweetie and YG for summer smash ‘Money Mouf’

It samples Ying Yang Twins' 2004 track 'Salt Shaker'

Tyga has shared his latest single ‘Money Mouf’ featuring Saweetie and YG – you can listen to it below.

The summer track samples Ying Yang Twins‘ ‘Salt Shaker’, which was released in 2004 and features guest appearances from Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.

Produced by John $K Mcgee and OG Parker, the new record hears Tyga rap: “Ayy, bounce that ass, yeah, throw it back/ Spend that cash, you got hella racks/ Run that bag, n***a, no cap/ Put your money where your motherfuckin’ mouth at/ Ayy, is you ’bout that?


Saweetie chimes in with, “One, two racks, I don’t want that/ Three, four racks, I’d pour that/ Five, six, shit, I might hold that/ Cashin’ out on ones and throw that.

Listen to the track in full below:

Anyone hoping to see the video will need to head over to Tyga’s OnlyFans account, according to a teaser he posted on Instagram this week as well as a behind-the-scenes clip of him and YG in the studio.

Last month, Tyga cancelled a planned concert in Belarus after the Human Rights Foundation raised concerns.


The Foundation published an open letter to Tyga, asking him to cancel his planned performance in Belarus because it could become “an excuse to cancel the opposition’s final electoral rally,” the day before a historic election in the country.

In his letter, the Foundation’s president and founder Thor Halvorssen said the concert would “prevent ordinary Belarusians from showing their support for freedom and democracy” and that it could become “a deliberate attempt to turn attention away from the massive electoral fraud that is already taking place across the country.”

Halvorssen continued: “Tyga has been an outspoken advocate of the Black Lives Matter Movement. He has urged followers to vote in local elections and take to the streets in protest. His support for Lukashenko’s regime will greatly undermine the activism he has encouraged in the United States, and provide the Belarusian dictator a useful propaganda stunt.

“We hope he will stand on the side of the people of Belarus as opposed to their oppressor. He must decline the invitation to perform for the dictator.”