Tyler, The Creator has recorded the theme song for Bill Nye’s new Netflix show

'Bill Nye Saves The World' will air on April 21

Tyler, The Creator has recorded the theme tune for Bill Nye’s new Netflix programme.

Bill Nye Saves The World will be made available on the streaming service from April 21 and follows Nye’s previous show Bill Nye The Science Guy.

As Pitchfork reports, the show shared a chat between Nye and Tyler, who discuss the theme song for Nye’s old programme.


“The first one is really sick,” Tyler said. “I love the fast pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song.”

Asked why he chose Tyler to write the new theme song, Nye replied: “He’s the man. He got the beat.”

Watch the video below.

Bill Nye Saves The World is also set to feature celebrity guests throughout the series. The first trailer for the show, which was shared in February, starred the likes of Steve Aoki, Karlie Kloss, Zach Braff and Rachel Bloom. Watch the trailer below.


Earlier this year, Frank Ocean’s father Calvin Cooksey claimed Tyler, the Creator was a “devil worshipper.” Addressing a Tumblr post in which Ocean accuses his father of homophobia and talks about the last time he saw his him, Cooksey’s defamation lawsuit claims the singer didn’t “include a homophobic bigot named Tyler the Creator” in his Tumblr post despite his “homophobic hateful rap lyrics”. Ocean was writing a heartfelt response to the tragic Orlando shootings of 2016, discussing the need for LGBT pride in the face of continued prejudice.

Cooksey also accused Ocean of publishing “falsehoods” for “the financial success” of his recent album ‘Blonde’, further describing him as “a fraud [who] only cared about making millions of dollars”. Ocean’s fractious relationship with his father has been well documented. In 2012 the singer said Cooksey wanted to sue him for $1 million.