Tyler, The Creator reveals which Kanye West song makes him cry

The rapper also shared his feelings on his old music in a new interview

Tyler, The Creator has shared which Kanye West song makes him cry.

The rapper released his latest album ‘Flower Boy‘ in 2017. In a four-star review, NME said: “There remains a sense that he could go even further in refining his wild invention, but he’s on an upward trajectory, getting ever closer to fully realising his potential.”

Speaking to GQ, Tyler was asked if it was true West’s new album, ‘Ye‘, made him cry. He replied: “Yeah, when I heard ‘Violent Crimes’. Those chords, like, fucking – I can’t explain what they do to me.


“I always talk about chords and probably sound like a fucking dork, but since I was fucking four years old, I would always say it was a slant or it went up cos I didn’t know what chords were, but it was a thing that music did that I just felt in my fucking body,” he continued. “And that was the most recent song that did it to me. Like, one out of 10, that shit did it a 12 and I just – my eyes started watering.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Tyler also revealed he thought only some of his old music had aged well. “I think ‘Goblin’ is horrible,” he said. “I think ‘Bastard’ is cool. The only songs I would keep from ‘Goblin’ are ‘Yonkers’, ‘She’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Tron Cat’, ‘Fish’, ‘Analog’, and ‘Au79’.

Meanwhile, Tyler has been releasing a steady stream of new music this year, including the tracks ‘435‘, ‘Okra‘, and ‘Rose-Tinted Cheeks‘. The latter references the Annette Bening film 20th Century Women.

The former Odd Future member has also been remixing other artists’ songs recently, turning his hand to reworking Drake and Trouble’s ‘Bring It Back’ in April.

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