Tyler, The Creator calls Kanye West and Pharrell Williams ‘fucking gods’

Rapper says he looks up to the pair

Tyler, The Creator has called Kanye West and Pharrell Williams ‘fucking gods’ while explaining the influence both artists have had on his career.

As reported by Hypetrak, Tyler, The Creator posted a photo of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams to his instagram account back in June, with a caption beneath the photo calling the pair “Dads.”

Asked to comment on the post, he explained that seeing a photo of them both “meant a lot to me” and described how he hoped to “always be creating.”


“I mean seeing those two in a photo together, that really meant a lot to me and there’s not that many photos of those two,” Tyler, The Creator explained.

“There’s one photo in Japan at the Ice cream store opening, a couple of other photos of them floating round too but seeing that photo in 2015 it’s like they’re still chewing it and they’re still friends, it meant something to me. It’s like no matter what I’ll be I guess I’ll always be creating and I’ll always try to do that at an awesome level, so seeing those two try to do that. I mean I look up to them so much and they know that they’re fucking gods. I love that photo that’s cool!”

See Tyler, The Creator’s instagram post below:


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Meanwhile, Tyler, The Creator and fellow Odd Future member Hodgy Beats have reconciled following a recent public dispute.


Hodgy Beats labelled Tyler as a “fraud” as the pair exchanged heated words at the Odd Future Camp Flog Gnaw festival. Tyler later tweeted that Hodgy’s comments “bummed me out I was side stage like wtf wow, what did I do”. He also added that things are “fine” between himself and Earl.

Now, Hodgy Beats has uploaded a video of the pair to Instagram. In it, he says: “Tyler told me to stop being a bitch, so I said alright,” before the pair continue to attempt handstands. Watch here.