Tyler, The Creator on Theresa May becoming British Prime Minister: ‘Y’all fucking up over there’

Rapper was banned from UK when May was Home Secretary

Tyler, The Creator has responded to Theresa May becoming British Prime Minister.

The Odd Future rapper was banned from entering the UK last year when May was Home Secretary. In July, May succeeded David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party and UK PM.

It was alleged that the rapper’s lyrics “encourage violence and intolerance of homosexuality” and “fosters hatred with views thats seek to provoke others to terrorist acts”. Tyler later claimed that the decision was due to “the colour of my skin”.


Speaking at Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, Tyler said of the news: “That fucking sucks. Y’all fucking up over there.” On the lyrics that led to the ban, he added: “I was writing those when I was 17 or 18. I didn’t think that what I was doing would matter… I’m not going to apologise for the things I said, because at that time it was cool.”

Tyler, The Creator recently released a song that referenced May: “Tell Theresa May to let me in / I been going in since 2010 / It gotta be the colour of my skin / Cause there’s n****s there / That doing more damage than my pen, man / Said some old lines was offensive / I was young, I can’t apologise for that shit/ They took my fiction literature for literal / I ain’t no motherfuckin’ criminal”.

Elsewhere in the Afropunk interview, Tyler explained why he changed his Twitter handle from @FuckTyler, saying: “My stock just went up because of that name change. How can I contact corporations, like ‘yo invest a bunch of money in me.’ Oh yeah, my name has this in it. First impression is automatically out the window.”

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