Tyler The Creator raps Dr Seuss while dressed as The Cat In The Hat – watch

Odd Future rapper also performed 'Cherry Bomb' and 'Smuckers' on US TV's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Rapper Tyler, The Creator has appeared on US TV rapping excerpts from the new Dr Seuss book.

The Odd Future leader was the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing his tracks ‘Cherry Bomb’ and ‘Smuckers’. Scroll below to see those performances.

Tyler also appeared in a comedy sketch where he rapped parts of recently unearthed Dr Seuss book What Pet Should I Get?, which is believed to have been written between 1958 and 1962 and has be published this week.

Watch videos of the rapper doing Dr Seuss, plus footage of his ‘Cherry Bomb’ and ‘Smuckers’ performances below.


Meanwhile, Tyler recently cast doubt on the long term future of Odd Future when he claimed the group was “no more”. Group member Earl Sweatshirt later added to the speculation by claiming Tyler was merely “solidifying the obvious.”

Earlier this week, the rapper alleged that he had been banned from Australia. However, a spokesperson for the hip-hop star later denied the claims.

Tyler had accused feminist group Collective Shout for a visa application being denied. He was involved in a dispute with the group in 2013 when they tried to get him banned from the country on account of what they deemed to be inappropriate content in his lyrics.

Tyler, The Creator’s latest album ‘Cherry Bomb’ was released in April 2015.