Tyler, The Creator spokesperson denies claims he is banned from Australia

Odd Future rapper claimed dispute with women's rights activist had seen him restricted from entering country

A spokesperson for Tyler, The Creator has denied the rapper’s claims that he has been banned from Australia.

The Odd Future rapper announced claims that he was no longer allowed into the country yesterday (July 27) via Twitter and tagged Coralie Alison, the director of operations at the feminist group Collective Shout, into his tweet. Alison has since received death and rape threats from fans of the artist angry at what he claimed had happened.

However, Tyler has not been denied a visa and his application with Australia’s Department of Immigration is still open. This information was confirmed to Mashable by Tyler’s touring company, Frontier Touring.

Tyler was involved in a dispute with the group in 2013 who tried to get him banned from the country on account of what they deemed to be innapropriate content in his lyrics. The rapper made it into the country and promptly called a member of the group a “fucking bitch”, a “fucking whore”, and a “fucking cunt” while on stage in Sydney.

Collective Shout tried, and failed, with a second bid to restrict him from Australia earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Tyler recently cast doubt on the long term future of Odd Future when he claimed the group was “no more”. Group member Earl Sweatshirt later added to the speculation by claiming Tyler was merely “solidifying the obvious.”

Tyler, The Creator’s latest album ‘Cherry Bomb’ was released in April 2015.