Tyler, The Creator responds to critic: ‘Why can’t I share my joy with the world?’

The rapper posted a lengthy response to the Reddit user who claimed he no longer enjoyed his music

Tyler, The Creator has written a lengthy post defending the new direction of his music after being criticised by a fan online.

The rapper was responding to a critical post by a Reddit user and former fan, who declared he could no longer relate to the music.

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The fan posted his critique on the OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) Reddit forum yesterday (June 18). He singled out the content on the rapper’s third studio album ‘Cherry Bomb’, which was released in April, as being his biggest problem.

“I’m tired of his arrogant, braggadocios and unretalable recent attitude. I can’t relate to him talking about wanting a McLaren, having big chains, or being a god like I related to him rapping about his life and feeling depressed,” he said.

“I will always enjoy some of his old stuff and production,” he continued. “But I think it’s time I move on.”

Referring to Tyler, The Creator’s Odd Future hip-hop collective, who were recently rumoured to be breaking up, the fan continued:

“I’m not surprised most of OF no longer hangs out with him, he can really seem arrogant and pretentious sometimes. I know he’s happy now and that’s great. But he’s gotta realize many of the old fans aren’t big on this new stuff. And being happy doesn’t = saying you’re happy all the time. It means making great stuff. Some of which he’s done. But for the most part, I’m over it.”

Following the post, Tyler, The Creator used the question and answer social network Spring.me to write a long reply titled ‘Wow That’s Crazy’.

He began his reply in a sympathetic manner, explaining that often it is right to move on when you no longer relate to someone or something.

“i feel it tho, for most people when you cant relate or arent on the same wave length, you move on, that what ive done with friends over time. cant argue with him if thats how he feels, but i will say this..”

Pointing out that he only raps about “my jewels or cars” on three songs, he continued.

“he said he releated to me when i was depressed and living with my grandmother. dude, that was in 2011. its 2015, if he really thinks that 4 years later i would still be living on my dead grandmothers floor, and still be sad with all these amazing things happening around me, then he is stuck in 2011.”

“why cant i share my joy with the world?” he said. “when shit changes and im feeling great and i fuck with myself you cant deal with it? cause you cant relate? is that why? or maybe its my ego talking. idk know what it is, but after a while you realize you dont want to be around people who isnt positive”

“its crazy, all im doing is spreading good vibes and tryna give some confidence to people and at least telling them they can accoplish something. sorry that i like cars and like to talk about it, soooo sorry that ive turned into the guy i hated, he began to conclude. sorry for being me, i apologize in advance cause IM GONNA CONTINUE TO DO THAT FOREVER”