Tyler, The Creator shares Pharrell’s life-changing career advice

"At that moment, we went home and I just wanted to change everything and I just wanted to switch"

Tyler, The Creator has shared the life-changing career advice that Pharrell Williams once gave him in a teaser for a new docuseries.

RapCaviar Presents will premiere on Hulu in the US on March 30. It will tackle issues of today through the stories of hip-hop artists, including Tyler, Jack Harlow, Polo G, City Girls, Roddy Ricch, Coi Leray and more.

In a new teaser for the show, Tyler spoke about growing up looking up to Williams and the role he played in his music career once the pair met.


Recalling a time when they were in the studio together, the rapper shared that the Neptunes star had told him: “You got it, you just don’t see it. You got it, you got the shit.” Williams then passed on some advice that music executive Jimmy Iovine had once shared with him.

“He’s like, ‘Pharrell, do you like house music?’” Tyler said. “He’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s a good genre, good tempo’. He’s like, ‘No Pharrell, house music – good music that could buy you a house.’”

The teaser then cut to Pharrell recounting the advice he gave Tyler himself, saying: “Make something undeniable and make it equally as infectious. Why are you doing music? Is it because you just want to look cool? Because that will burn out. When it becomes purpose-oriented, it can be as cool as The Flash, but it will be much more meaningful.”

Tyler’s reaction to these words, he said, was: “Oh fuck. No more being silly – music first. At that moment, we went home and I just wanted to change everything and I just wanted to switch. And the switch fucking happened.”

Last year, Tyler featured on Pharrell’s ‘Cash In Cash Out’ alongside 21 Savage, while earlier in the year, the producer worked on the former’s track ‘Come On, Let’s Go’.


Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about ‘Cash In Cash Out’, Pharrell said: “I knew the track was aggressive, and it doesn’t let up. So it’s like those are the two. It’s like letting two pit bulls loose. Ravenous. Two ravenous wolves. Tyler went crazy. He had done that verse before he put his last album out.”

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