Watch Tyler, the Creator grab Stephen Colbert’s backside and explain why every rap on ‘Flower Boy’ is “important”

The California rapper was on Colbert's 'The Late Show' last night (July 24) to promote his fifth solo album

Tyler, the Creator grabbed Stephen Colbert‘s backside, explained why every rap on his new album ‘Flower Boy’ is “ridiculously important”, and performed his track ‘911’ during an eventful guest spot on The Late Show – watch clips below.

The Odd Future founder released his fifth solo album last Friday (July 21), with much of the talk prior to release surrounding the rapper’s discussion of his sexuality on the album.

Tyler appeared on The Late Show last night (July 24) in support of ‘Flower Boy’, where he made a memorable guest appearance. After grabbing Colbert’s backside as they greeted each other on stage, Tyler then discussed why every rap on his new album is “ridiculosly important.”


“A lot of people are like ‘Oh, what’s going on here?’ I produced and wrote mostly 90% of it,” he told Colbert. “It’s a few melodies that I didn’t come up with … It’s more so that I just wanted to produce and have people sing. And that’s all I want to listen to.

“So, I kinda didn’t want to rap a lot on it. So I kept all my rap verses short. And everything I said, I made sure it was really ridiculously important. And I think that’s what people kinda like about it this time around – because it’s nothing funny on it.”

Tyler later performed the ‘Flower Boy’ track ‘911’ with the help of Steve Lacy – watch a clip of the performance and the aforementioned interview below.

Last week, Tyler revealed that he made the ‘Flower Boy’ track ‘I Ain’t Got Time!’ for Kanye West – but West apparently “didn’t like it.”