George Bush says he thought Bono was ‘married to Cher’ when they first met

Former US President confused the U2 star with late singer Sonny Bono

George Bush has discussed meeting U2 frontman Bono, admitting that he initially thought the star was “married to Cher”.

The revelation comes in HBO and Vice’s new documentary Countdown To Zero, which focuses on Bono’s work for AIDS charities in Africa.

The former US President discussed working with Bono via the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) scheme.

He said that he was cautious about the meeting at first: “I guess somebody thought it’d be cool to have Bono in the Oval Office. They must’ve had a Bono record or two. I certainly didn’t suggest it.”

George Bush then appeared to confuse the U2 star with Sonny Bono, the late singer and politician who died in 1998.

“You know, I’m pretty cynical when it comes to people’s intentions when they say they’re going to help other people. Somebody walked in and said ‘Bono’s coming. You do know who he is?’ And then I looked at them and said ‘Sure, he’s married to Cher'”.

However, Bush added that Bono soon one him over: “Bono came in and floored me with his knowledge, his energy, and his faith. We had a comprehensive program. Our teams worked with each country to develop a program specific to their cultures and needs and politics.”

Meanwhile, Bono has praised Eagles Of Death Metal‘s response to the tragic attack on their gig at Le Bataclan theatre in Paris on November 13.

Speaking ahead of U2’s rescheduled Paris event – the first of two U2 dates in the city had originally been planned for the day after the Paris attacks – Bono told Associated Press: “We’re very, very of course moved by the fact that our fellow troubadours, the Eagles of Death Metal, had such a hard time; they’re an extraordinary talented band, they’ve been through the most ugly nightmare and they have been very graceful about it.”