Bono recalls being chased down the street by German activists yelling ‘Make Bono history’ at him

U2 singer admits his political work isn't always popular with the masses

U2 frontman Bono has revealed that he was once chased down a street by German activists who were brandishing placards and yelling “Make Bono history” at him.

In an interview with the Observer, the singer admitted that his involvement with politics has often proved unpopular with people and has caused him to be on the receiving end of personal abuse, including being booed during political conferences and heckled by members of the public.

Reminiscing about the time he was pursued by protestors during the G8 summit, he quipped: “Even as I was running for my life, I thought [it] was a pretty good line.” He also revealed that he had been booed in the same way while talking at a TED conference in Arusha, Tanzania: “I had a great week not long ago,” he said. “I was booed by all the young entrepreneurs in the audience who thought I was peddling this idea of a supplicant Africa, which I happen to think could not be further from the truth.”

“So, we are doing something right,” he continued. “We are annoying both the capitalists in Africa, and the anti-capitalists in Europe. The thing is, I am not an idealist, never have been, I am just quite pragmatic about finding solutions.”″insufferable jumped-up Jesus” during a speech about world poverty in February of this year – also defended his band’s tax arrangements. The singer has been invited by deputy prime minister of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore, to discuss the government’s tax policy, but Bono and U2 have been criticised for paying a portion of their tax offshore in the Netherlands. “U2 is in total harmony with our government’s philosophy,” he said. “Tax competitiveness has taken our country out of poverty. [The revenue] accept that if you engage in that policy then some people are going to go out, and some people are coming in.”

In June of this year, it was rumoured that U2 were working on their new album with Coldplay’s Chris Martin after they were spotted entering a New York recording studio with the singer. Bono had previously said that the band were eager to release a new LP, but would only put it out when it was completely ready.