U2 to sell their multi-million pound ‘Claws’

Four-legged stages are set to be turned into permanent venues

U2 have approved calls to turn the giant claws currently being used as part of their stage set-up into permanent venues.

Following their Glastonbury performance last weekend, the band are due to wrap up their two-year 360 Tour up on July 30 in Canada. U2 tour director Craig Evans said three of the full, four-legged, 29,000-square-foot steel structures will be sold off.

“It’s certainly our intention to see these things recycled into permanent and usable ventures,” he told Billboard. “It represents too great an engineering feat to just use for [the tour] and put away in a warehouse somewhere.”

The move comes after Mark Fisher, the tour’s architect, appealed to the band to turn the giant claws into permanent venues, nearly two years ago. Each claw cost between £15m and £20m.

“[We are] now in discussions to send them into different places around the world and have them installed as permanent venues,” Evans added. “Some major events have shown interest in these, from four different continents – and we haven’t even really put the word out yet.”

He said many buyers are interested in turning them into full interior pavilions and amphitheatres.