Jedward record request for a U2 collaboration – video

Jedward to Bono: "We want to duet with you"

Irish pop act Jedward have posted a video on Youtube asking Bono if he would be interested in a musical collaboration.

The video, which can be watched below, begins with the pair describing a trip to Bono‘s house where they signed his front gate. This is not a euphemism.

Edward went on to address the U2 frontman, saying:

You’re so cool okay. We want you to come on our brand new album. U2 totally stands for me and John. It would be Jedward feat. U2.

The minute-long clip ends with the former X Factor stars asking if they can purchase the cranes from the band’s 360 tour.

Jedward are rumoured to be top of the list to star in the reality TV show Big Brother upon its return next week.

Their second album, ‘Victory’, is due for release on August 15.

Bono has yet to respond.