Unreleased U2, Coldplay and Beck tracks to feature on new charity compilation

'Every Mother Counts' collection also features rare cuts from Pearl Jam and Paul Simon

A new charity compilation featuring unreleased tracks by U2, Coldplay and Beck has been announced.

Model Christy Turlington Burns is teaming up with coffee giants Starbucks to release ‘Every Mother Counts Volume 2’, the second album to benefit the organisation she founded of the same name. Every Mother Counts is an awareness and mobilisation campaign which seeks to reduce the maternal mortality rate.

The compilation, which will be available to buy from May 1-29 in the US, features an acoustic version of Coldplay’s early hit ‘Yellow’, U2‘s Bono and the Edge’s acoustic cut of ‘Original Of The Species,’ and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s ‘Skipping’. No release date has yet been set for the UK.

Beck’s ‘Corrina, Corrina’ and tracks by David Bowie, Sting and Lauryn Hill also feature on the record.

Turlington Burns told Rolling Stone:

Bono and Chris Martin were great supporters of the project the first time around, and when I knew I wanted to include men on this album they were obvious choices.

She added: “They are also both fathers to daughters. I generally wanted a diverse group of artists who were parents.”

The full track listing for ‘Every Mother Counts Volume 2’ is as follows:

U2’s Bono And The Edge – ‘Original Of The Species’
Eddie Vedder – ‘Skipping’
Paul Simon And Edie Brickell – ‘Pretty Day’
Faith Hill – ‘Wish For You’
Sade – ‘The Sweetest Gift”
Lauryn Hill – ‘I Remember’
Rita Wilson – ‘Baby I’m Yours’
Diana Krall – ‘Don’t Fence Me In’
Seal – ‘Secret’
Dave Matthews Band – ‘Sister’
Sting – ‘Fragilidad’
Alanis Morissette – ‘Magical Child’
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros – ‘Mother’
David Bowie – ‘Everyone Says ‘Hi’
Cedella Marley – ‘Get Up Stand Up’
Beck – ‘Corrina, Corrina’
Rufus Wainwright – ‘Instead Of The Dead’
Patti Smith – ‘Somalia’
Coldplay – ‘Yellow’