Bono on Steve Jobs: ‘He was the hardware Elvis’

The U2 singer pays tribute to the Apple co-founder

Bono is the latest star to pay tribute to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died on October 5 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

U2 worked with Apple when they advertised the iPod and iTunes, and even saw their own branded edition of the mp3 player go on sale.

Describing Jobs as “the hardware Elvis” and someone who was “only interested in doing truly great things”, he talked about the technology pioneer’s eye for design and his work with Bono’s (RED) charity helping people in Africa.


He said:

In a world littered with dull objects, he brought the beauty of clean lines and clear thought. This rhyme of intellect and intuition could be applied to a wide range of subjects from the US education system, to sculpture, to the fight against HIV/AIDS where his support of (RED) literally transformed the lives of two million people in Africa.

He went on to say that Jobs “changed music, he changed film, he changed the personal computer and turned telephony on its head while he was at it.” But mainly he remembered him as a family man, saying:

Steve told me as proud as he was of Apple and Pixar, his real pride was his family. He was a thoughtful and tender father, and loved nothing more than hanging out in the house with his belle Laurene and the kids. We will all miss the hardware software Elvis.

Bono’s tribute joins the many already made, including those from US President Barack Obama and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.