U2-scored ‘Spider-Man’ musical hit by further hitches

Lead actress Natalie Mendoza pulls out after suffering offstage injury

The Broadway musical U2‘s Bono and The Edge have composed has hit another set-back after lead actress Natalie Mendoza was injured during the first preview show.

The actress, who portrays Arachne in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark suffered concussion last Sunday (November 28) when she was hit by a rope offstage.

Natalie Mendoza suffered an injury…and, on doctor’s orders, will be out of the show for a brief time,” lead producer Michael Cohl said in a statement.

She did appear in the second performance, on Wednesday night (December 1), against her doctor’s advice, said the actress’ spokesman Shea Martin.

“She’s a professional actress, she wanted to go in and see if she could do it, and keep mastering what is a very technically advanced show,” he added.

The star will be replaced by her understudy America Olivo until she is well enough to return, reports the New York Times.

The first show at the Foxwoods Theatre suffered a series of errors marring the performance. It was halted five times due to technical difficulties.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is officially set to open in January.