U2 star takes court action against his personal assistant

Adam Clayton takes legal action over allegations she stole £1.6 million from his accounts

U2 bassist Adam Clayton is taking legal action against his former personal assistant over allegations she stole £1.6 million from his accounts.

The star has secured a temporary court order to freeze Carol Hawkins‘ assets after she was alleged to have spent the money on property, including a New York apartment, flash cars and jewellery.

Dublin High Court heard Clayton was concerned that Hawkins‘ assets might be dissipated, and this was why he was seeking the freezing order, according to the Irish Independent.

Clayton is said to have fired Hawkins last month after she confessed to “misappropriating” some of his money and the subsequent investigation allegedly found she had been using the musician’s credit and debit cards for herself.

The court heard Hawkins admitted using his cards, but disputed the sums of money involved.

The case is due to resume in court on Monday (December 21).