U2 scored Spider-Man musical finally returns without a hitch

New safety measures help most expensive musical production in history

The U2 scored Spider-Man musical has finally completed its first preview show free from any hitches.

The move comes after a number of setbacks at New York‘s Foxwoods Theatre saw lead actor Reeve Carney’s double Christopher Tierney hospitalised after falling 20 feet. Lead actress, Natalie Mendoza, who plays villainess Arachne also suffered concussion during one of the previews.

Two shows were cancelled earlier this week before new precautions for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, resulted in a second person checking harnesses last night (December 23) after they had been put on the cast, reports BBC News.

The production, scored by Bono and The Edge, is estimated to be the most expensive musical in history with a cost of over $65 million (£42 million) to produce the show and over $1million (£650,000) a week in running costs.

The show has been beset by delays and technical problems. It was due to open in February 2010, but is still technically in preview and won’t officially open until February 7, 2011.