Actor hospitalised after 20 foot fall during U2’s ‘Spider-Man’ musical

Most expensive musical in history suffers another setback

An actor from the Spider-Man musical U2 have scored has been hospitalised after falling over 20 feet during a preview performance last night (December 20).

The actor is thought to be one of the nine stunt performers who play Spider-Man for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, previewing at New York‘s Foxwoods Theatre. He was attempting to drop down from a piece of set when his harness failed and he fell. The show was stopped and the producer came on stage to tell the crowd that the performance was over.

According to a spokesman for the show the actor was “taken to hospital for observation” and “all signs were good”. The producers have yet to confirm the identity of the actor.

Audience member Jonathan Dealwis told CNN about the incident. “Spider-Man was on a bridge, and [character] Mary Jane was dangling from it,” he said. “She drops down, as is meant to happen. Spider-Man went to the end of the bridge and I think he was meant to sort of swoop over there, but he just fell off. The producer came on and said we’re going to pause for a moment. You could hear Mary Jane weeping.”

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, scored by Bono and The Edge, is estimated to be the most expensive musical in history with a cost of over $65 million (£42 million) to produce the show and over $1million (£650,000) a week in running costs.

The show has been beset by delays and technical problems. It was due to open in February 2010, but is still technically in preview and won’t officially open until February 2011. Its lead actress, Natalie Mendoza, who plays Mary Jane, suffered concussion during one of the previews and stunt doubles have endured broken wrists and toes.