U2 ‘claw’ structures to become permanent venues?

Architect calls for the band's stage set-up to be used after their world tour ends

U2‘s tour architect has said that is hoping to turn the giant claws currently being used as part of their stage set-up into permanent venues.

The band’s 360 Tour, which calls at London‘s Wembley Stadium this weekend (August 14, 15), features a giant claw allowing fans a 360 degree view of the band. It is one of three similar claws to be used during their world tour, which is currently scheduled to finish in Vancouver on October 28, but is likely to stretch into 2010.

Mark Fisher says he has been discussing with U2 about the possibility of using the steel claw structures around the world once the band wrap up their tour, reports BBC News.

“My vision, which I’ve been discussing with the band, is that we will turn them into concert pavilions,” he said. “Part of the tour will finish in Australia and another part of the tour will finish in South America, where people could use a nice concert pavilion in a park, which has an ability to take 200 tonnes of kit hanging under it.”

Each claw costs between £15m and £20m.

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