The U2 frontman just has to be himself in a new short film...

U2 frontman BONO is set to be the eponymous star of a short film, ‘SIGHTINGS OF BONO’, due for release in the coming weeks.

In the film, set and shot in the star’s native Dublin, a girl called Ellen, played by newcomer Marcella Plunkett, sees Bono everywhere until she meets him in the shop where she works.

Bono spent the entire day’s shooting during September on-set in the city’s Stephen Street, and was said to be constantly surrounded by fans and well-wishers.


The seven-minute short was written by Kathy Gilfillan and made by website [url=], which holds the exclusive rights. A trailer for the film will be available on the site from Wednesday (December 6) at 3pm GMT with details of the full broadcast to follow shortly.

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