Tabloid Hell: Bono says no to being sixth Spice

U2 frontman denies he is writing girl group song

From one tab to another… when a certain tabloid came out with the suggestion that Bono was writing a new song for The Spice Girls we couldn’t help but giggle and think, actually, perhaps Mel C begged him to do it.

But, surprise, surprise, it’s a load of all codswallop according to another tabloid.

U2‘s manager said: “We’re great fans to the Spice Girls but rumours that Bono is to join them as a sixth member are sadly not true.”

And as if that wasn’t disappointing enough, we’re told Mark Ronson wants to work with them.

Well, whoop-do-bloody-do.

He said: “I would love to do a remix of ’Stop’ – that’s easily my favourite.”

Just hold the bloody trumpets.