Bono tells former Israeli president not to ‘give up’ on peace with Palestine during U2 concert

The frontman made the comments at the band's show in Toronto

U2 frontman Bono has urged former Israeli president Shimon Peres to continue to seek peace in the Middle East, making comments at his band’s recent show in Toronto.

Speaking during U2’s concert in the Canadian city on Monday night (July 6), where Peres was in attendance, the singer paused the show to say: “We understand President Peres, that you have tried to be the voice of reason. And you’ve dedicated a lot of your life to try and bring peace in this really dangerous region. And we wish you and your family safe.”

He continued to describe Peres as “somebody who is active as the voice of reason in a region where the loudest voices are often the bellicose ones”, adding: “We wish that you who worked so hard in Oslo, for that incredible Oslo Accord: that you don’t give up the two state solution”.


This month marks the one year anniversary of the most recent Israel-Gaza crisis; 2,205 Palestinians, 71 Israelis and one foreign national were killed in the 50 day-long conflict.

Also during the show, the band invited one of their very own tribute bands onto the stage. The local covers group Acrobat joined them for a rendition of ‘Desire’.

It followed a similar incident in May, when a Bono impersonator joined the band onstage in Los Angeles.


On Tuesday (July 7), , U2 previewed their upcoming ‘Song For Someone’ short film/music video.

A trailer clip posted online features actor Woody Harrelson portraying a man being released from prison.

The video will premiere on Thursday (July 9) via SundanceTV. It’s directed by Vincent Haycock and also stars Harrelson’s daughter Zoe Harrelson.


The song itself is lifted from the band’s most recent album ‘Songs Of Innocence’, which was famously released for free via iTunes in September 2014.