Guitar legend Link Wray dies

The inventor of the power chord passes away

Guitarist Link Wray, who was said to have invented the power chord, has died aged 76 in Copenhagen.

Wray‘s style is considered the blueprint for heavy metal and punk music.

The artist died on November 5, and was buried on November 18 at Copenhagen‘s Christian Church, according to his official website, which did not reveal the cause of death.

Wray is best known for his 1958 instrumental ‘Rumble’. His music has appeared in movies such as ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Independence Day’.

His style is said to have inspired many other rock musicians, including Pete Townsend, Bob Dylan and Jack White.

According to Wray‘s site, he invented the fuzz tone by deliberately punching holes in his amplifier speakers. He recently appeared in the Uncut Legends 100 greatest guitarists of all time special issue.

Wray, known for his trademark black leather jacket, is survived by his wife and son.