Twenty years after the first charity concerts, the rumours are growing that there will be another very soon...

Rumours are growing that Bob Geldof is planning to stage a LIVE AID II gig at LONDON’s HYDE PARK in the summer.

The concert, which is reportedly set to take place over two days from July 2, is expected to attract the likes of Coldplay, Robbie Williams .

[/a], are also rumoured to be appearing on the bill.

The concert, entitled Live 8 ahead of the G8 summit in Scotland on July 6, would coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original Live Aid event at Wembley in 1985.

Geldof recently denied any plans to stage the gig but rumours are continuing to circulate.

“It is kite flying, that’s all it is. It is just talk. Why would I possibly repeat something I did 20 years ago?” he told Swiss channel TV Plus.

His spokeswoman also confirmed that the Live Aid Trust had been “discussing plans to hold an event around the time of the G8 summit”, according to the BBC.

If the concert does go ahead, organisers are hoping to stage the event for free by pulling in sponsors.

Efforts are also reportedly under way to stage a simultaneous gig in America with Eminem topping the bill.