U2 Ticket chaos in Brazil

Police on standby

U2 tickets were the cause of chaos in Brazil, as tens of thousands of fans attempted to buy tickets from supermarkets in Sao Paulo.

Desperate fans waited for hours for tickets for the February 20 show at Morumbi Football Stadium as part of the Vertigo tour.

Tickets were available only through a limited number of outlets of a supermarket chain. Problems arose because only one cashier was handling ticket sales resulting in tickets machines breaking down.

“There were 73,000 tickets,” a spokesperson for the supermarket said “The demand was much, much more. We estimate about 100,000 people wanted tickets and all were buying the 10 ticket limit.”

Although no incidents were reported, police were on standby.

The organiser of the gig issued an apology and said an extra show would be added, Reuters reports.