Although Bono seems somewhat confused as to their previous output...

U2 have begun work on their next album, THE EDGE and BONO have revealed.

The band, who picked up a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song for ‘The Hands That Built America’ from the soundtrack of ‘Gangs Of New York’ earlier this week, have been working on songs in their Dublin studio, Bono said.

“We’re banging the dustbin lids back home in Dublin. Edge, I must say, is really doing some extraordinary stuff,” he told MTV at the awards ceremony. He also added, somewhat inexplicably: “It’s a guitar record. Which is, I think, our first.”

“It’s at the beginning. We’re working on the songs right now,” The Edge continued. “There’s some nice stuff coming through.”

Bono also voiced his admiration for great singles bands: “I love singles in rock’n’roll, the great 45s. That’s what I loved about Nirvana, that’s what I loved about the Sex Pistols, and going back to The Beatles and Rolling Stones – when you make that one record that changes everything.”