And India.Arie and Alicia Keys aren't far behind...

U2 have been nominated for eight prestigious GRAMMY AWARDS this afternoon (January 4).

The Irish rock band, who spent much of 2001 touring in support of their album ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, have been nominated in the ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Album Of The Year’ and ‘Song Of The Year’ categories, amongst others.

In the ‘Album Of The Year’ category, the group face competition from Outkast‘s ‘Stankonia’ and the soundtrack to ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’.

In other nominations, India: Arie has been nominated in seven categories, while rising R&B star Alicia Keys has received six. Both are nominated in the ‘Best New Artist’ category, which also includes David Gray, [/a] and [a]Linkin Park.

Speaking about the nominations, Recording Academy President/CEO Michael Greene said: “Once again, this year’s nominations reflect many different musical points of view – from those established artists whose influence has shaped the evolution of our musical language, to newcomers who speak with a unique resonance. We are gratified to see so many truly talented singer/songwriters; they remain a vital part of music’s foundation.”

This year’s awards are confirmed to take place at the Los Angeles Staples Center on February 27.

For a comprehensive list of all the Grammy nominees, [url=]click here.