Hundreds of studio session tracks and radio shows from big artists to be released for the first time after their discovery...

Hundreds of studio session tracks and radio shows from artists such as U2, Rod Stewart, Roxy Music and THIN LIZZY are set to be released for the first time in a multi-million pound deal.

The material, thought to be the biggest collection outside of the BBC, were found in the archives of Radio Clyde, and will now be released by the Universal Record Label. Other artists include Madness, [a][/a]and Simple Minds.

Over 600 recordings were found when Scottish Radio Holdings attempted to track down lost tapes of broadcasts of big name acts from the 1970s and 1980s and found that the sessions had taken place at Radio Clyde.

Speaking to the BBC, a company spokesperson said: “These are totally unique recordings were usually only broadcast once or twice within a radio marketplace and then left to gather dust.”

“In many cases, these recordings have been unknown to fans, music retailers and music lovers,” said Nigel Haywood, UK commercial director of Universal. “Consequently, their resurrection from the vaults of time will be eagerly anticipated.”

The artists and record companies involved have so far all given their blessings for the release of the recordings.

Richard Findlay, SRH chief executive, said: “The artists we have been in touch with so far share our enthusiasm and with the support of Universal, whose labels represent a large part of the archive, we believe something of considerable importance can be created.”

The BBC received great success and response when they released studio and live recordings from artists such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in recent years.