Guitarist The Edge says the band also hope to record a "definitive live TV show" for broadcast later this year...

U2 plan to release a DVD of their current ‘ELEVATION’ world tour, as well as recording a “definitive TV live show” to be broadcast later in the year.

Speaking in a webchat with the official U2 website www.u2.com, band guitarist The Edge said that the band, who are currently on the road in the US, hope to release the DVD after the tour is complete.

When asked if a live video or album from the current tour was in the pipeline, he replied: “We are attempting to make a definitive TV live show of this tour, probably for broadcast at the end of year, maybe around Thanksgiving (late November). Hopefully there will be DVD after that.”

Edge said that the band have tentatively started working on fresh material, but it is unlikely that any new songs will be complete until after the band’s tour finishes later in the summer.

He commented: “There’s a lot of beginnings, we’re constantly coming up with openings but until we get into a full few months of writing, I don’t think we’re going to come up with anything finished.”

“(Touring) gives you a lot of ideas for songs and lyrics. In that sense it’s a good experience that you can put in to songs later. I find it really hard to write on the road. Sometimes guitar riffs and chord patterns, but really until we’re all into rehearsals together, that’s when everything’s going off, that’s when the best U2 songs come together.”