Bassist Adam Clayton spills the beans on the new tracks...

ADAM CLAYTON has said U2 have up to ten songs they’re working on in the hope of completing a new album this year.

The bassist, speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, said the group had some songs left over from the sessions from their last album ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, as well as some other, brand new tracks.

He said: “I hate to make predictions. If we get six tunes, maybe that will roll into a project. Everything we had left over was finished, which was unusual for us. There are maybe another ten pieces that are more immediate, slightly poppier tunes that I know will turn up.”

The group will remain in the studio until the summer, working on the new material. Clayton went on to describe the band’s recording process.

He continued: “Nowadays, (guitarist) Edge tends to do his homework and discipline some chord sequences. Then, as a group, we find an interpretation, a unique way they fit together. Or a sound will get thrown out from a jam, and we figure out a melody to go with it.

“‘Elevation’ came from a sound, that abrasive guitar. ‘Walk On’ was two songs that both had great chords but weren’t great songs. We sewed them together.”

The band are also rumoured to be considering the release of a ‘Greatest Hits’ album towards the end of the year.