The U2 singer's humanitarian efforts continue...

BONO will accompany US treasury secretary PAUL O’NEILL on a visit to Africa next month to see the effects poverty and AIDS have had on the continent, it has been announced.

The visit is part of the U2 frontman’s ongoing campaigns against third world debt and the threat of AIDS in developing countries. In recent years, Bono has become a figurehead and media-attracting mouthpiece for both causes.

O’Neill announced the trip at a press conference at the United Nations and added that he has the utmost “respect” for Bono.

“This is a person who has invested enough of his own time and energy to learn about and go see on the ground what life is like,” he said. No concrete details of itinerary have been released.

The trip will not mark the first time the pair will have come face to face. During the World Economic Forum in New York at the start of February, Bono and O’Neill took to the stage in a debate over foreign aid to developing countries.