The U2 frontman pays an emotional tribute to his late father at Earl's Court show...

U2 frontman BONO paid an emotional tribute to his father at the band’s LONDON EARL’S COURT show last night (August 21).

As reported on NME.COM, the singer vowed to carry on with the show and not let down fans, despite his father Bob Hewson, 75, losing his battle against cancer during the early hours of yesterday.

Walking on stage at the arena, Bono knelt and made the sign of the cross, before dedicating the song ‘Kite’ to his father.

Before introducing the song, he said: “We all want to thank my old man for giving me this voice. He was a fine tenor and said to me if only I had this voice, just think what could happen. He was very ill over the last few weeks but he’s no longer with us. He’s left the planet, just like Elvis.”

And before playing the song for the 18,000 fans at the sold-out show, he added: “I wrote this for my kids, but now I think my old man wrote it for me.”

The singer had been at his father’s bedside at a Dublin hospital in the days leading up to his death, jetting back and forth after each show on the band’s British tour.

In The Sun newspaper this morning a source close to the band described Bono as “absolutely devastated”, but added: “Bono’s view was that the show must go on. He was determined not to let anyone down. It’s typical of the man.”