The group will visit the US in the autumn...

U2 are planning to return to the US for more live shows later this year.

The Irish group, who are currently in the UK as part of their ‘Elevation’ world tour, will return to North America in the autumn, according to manager Paul McGuinness.

Speaking in an interview with the official U2 website, www.u2.com, McGuinness said the new dates will mark the end of the tour for the band.

He said: “I have no doubts that this is the most successful tour we have ever done. It’s not just the fact that the tickets were all sold out before the tour started, the band are really enjoying the shows and the audience reaction is absolutely extraordinary.

“There’s a great atmosphere on the road. Everyone feels good about the shows.”

McGuinness also revealed that the band planning to release a DVD of the live show in time for Christmas, and a concert film to be broadcast on television worldwide is also in the planning stages.