The star hears George Bush pledge $5 billion to aid the fight against world poverty...

BONO met GEORGE BUSH in the WHITE HOUSE OVAL OFFICE yesterday (March 14) to hear the US President pledge $5 billion to aid the fight against world poverty.

The U2 frontman wore his trademark shades throughout the meeting, telling journalists: “I thought the President looked at them quite jealously.” He joked that he wouldn’t offer the sunglasses to Bush as a souvenir because the last time he did Pope John Paul II kept them and this new pair were too expensive.

Bono heard Bush agree with his campaign to fight AIDS in developing countries, the New York Post reports, Bush, he said, agreed that AIDS was a “genocide” in Africa requiring more a more effective fight against it. “He just wants to see that the programmess are efficient,” Bono added, talking of Bush’s pledge of new aid.